All of our products can be matted with our trademark WHITE-CORE ACCENTS and BLACK-CORE ACCENTS line of mats.

We only use CRESCENT brand matboard, which is recognized as the premier matboard manufacturer in the market.

Our WHITE-CORE Accents mats are cut exclusively from Crescent White-Core Eco matboard. White-Core Eco mats provide a crisp white bevel, which gives the finished product an upscale look. Our mats have a buffered acid-free core, which will never fade or bleed. With over 130 colours to choose from, we can easily match your school colours.

Using Crescent buffered acid-free matboard, we offer our Black-Core Accents as an alternative, for a truly unique “custom-made” look. The black bevel gives this matboard an enhanced dimension, which will elegantly accent your diploma or certificate. To design and customize your program, we can provide you with an array of single, double, or triple mats, all designed to match your school colors. We can also offer you a full line of suede mats to further enhance your program. Fillets are our specialty and we can offer you a line of gold or silver fillets to further dress-up your suede mats. Hot stamping is provided on all mats to proudly show your school crest and logo. Foil is available in gold, silver and black to get that perfect match.

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